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4 Great Deals you can pick up this Black Friday!

First of all, we want to first say that this is NOT a paid advertisement. These are simply some of the deals that we have been tracking and have purchased ourselves. As we mentioned in our previous plugins article, there are so many third party plugins available these days. It can be super overwhelming as a new producer trying to navigate the space and work out what’s needed.


If you’re a producer and you haven’t heard of LALAL.AI, then prepare yourself! When we first stumbled across LALAL.AI, it was literally a game changer. Suddenly we had access to vocals from any song with high quality. Not only this, but LALAL.AI has software that can isolate other elements of the track too! For example, if you liked the

drums in a song, it will isolate them and you can then resample. It’s a fantastic tool for sampling and creating! We couldn’t recommend it enough. Even better? Black Friday sale is offering 50% off on “the black pack”.

This means you can upload 650 minutes of audio for the program to split into layers for 50% off! An awesome deal in our opinion. Getting your favourite vocals for 50% off is an offer we couldn’t pass up.

Check it out here:


If you haven’t heard of Izotope, now you have. They have a range of vocal and audio effects on special to help you refine that sound. I first got introduced to Izotope through their mastering software (which was incredibly helpful).

Luckily for everyone, Izotope is having a big Black Friday sale that includes a number of bundles. Izotope offers a suite of programs that are designed to master any audio style. Whether it’s film, TV, Podcasts or Music, Izotope has everything you could need for cleaning up audio of any kind.

Check out what they’ve got on sale here:


Not going to lie, this is a massive plug for Soundtoys, so prepare yourselves. Personally, I’ve found that a lot of the artists I listen to have used some of soundtoys plugins. Whether it’s for a distinct distortion noise or any

other range of audio effects - Soundtoys has something for your production toolbox.

Currently, Soundtoys are having huge sales on their Soundtoys 5 collection and their effect rack bundle.

This is a great offer to snap up, based on how many plugins you get for the price. Be sure to check them out at:

BABY Audio

BABY Audio currently have a HUGE sale on a range of their plugins. Baby Audio have everything from synths to reverbs, truly a great opportunity to grab some deals on a range of products. With deals as big as 75% off, this is a really great time to capitalise and grab some of their products. We enjoy BABY Audio's unique sound and their vast array of plugins. Truly a must have for any producer this Black Friday!

Check the range out at:

We know there are so many plugins and sales out there right now, but these are just the few plugins that we use regularly and feel like could benefit your workflow the most.

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