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SubmitHub Tips and Tricks

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

SubmitHub has proven to be the best place to submit recently released music. However, there is very little information on how to get the most out of it. After years of trial and error, we managed to increase one of our artists approval rates from 5% to 53% in the space of 1 year. At the same time, some of this success could be attributed to the increase in the quality of music. The practicality and attention to detail in SubmitHub proved to be the driving force.


Tip 1 - Send to the Right Blogs

While SubmitHub does a great job pairing you with blogs in your genre, it's crucial to check whether the curator's style/tastes align with yours. The best way to check the genre of a blog is to scan their playlists. Then, click the arrow on the right-hand side. This will open up information on their playlists and genres. Next, listen to the music and search for familiar artists' names in your niche. Ensuring the genre is a match will reduce your chance of being an outlier on the playlist and increase your approval rate.

SubmitHub Quality scores and genre match

SubmitHub blogger/curator statistics, SubmitHub Playlist statistics

Tip 2 - Personalise the Message

Recently, SubmitHub added a feature that allows you to send a personalised message to every curator/blog you submit to. Sending a personalised message that includes the curator's name or organisational name captures the listener's attention. It can be challenging for curators to engage with every submission with total undivided active listening and give thoughtful and insightful feedback. Just that little bit of personalisation will result in more active listening resulting in more approvals and/or better feedback.

SubmitHub personalised message feature

Tip 3 - Create a Relationship

Once a curator has approved and shared your track, it's good to become a part of their network. Thanking them on SubmitHub, leaving a review on SubmitHub, and following and engaging with their social media can go a long way in helping your name stick out next time you decide to submit. Once the curators know and remember you, they will listen more actively for extended amounts of time, resulting in a higher approval rate.

Tip 4 - Submit Before your release

Most artists seem to release on a Thursday or Friday for whatever reason. As everyone submits on release day, curators see many submissions due on Saturday and Sunday. Consider submitting a three or four days before release. This will help you stand out through the clutter and see what kind of support you can get a few days before release.

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